We have developed courses and educational material related to our research topics. Professor Kavraki regularly teaches the following classes at Rice University: Algorithmic Robotics (COMP450); Bioinformatics: from Sequence to Structure (COMP470); and Topics in Physical Computing (COMP650). The material for these courses is in Rice’s OWL-Space.

An online course has been developed using Connexions: Geometric Methods in Structural Computational Biology. The material can be used freely under the license information specified in the same page.

We have developed a collection of assignments that can be used in robotics classes that include a module on sampling-based planners. The module uses the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) software, developed by our group. The assignments vary in difficulty and can be tailored to the needs of a class. They have been tested at the “Robotics Algorithms” class offered at Rice University as well as in similar classes at several other institutions.

We have also organized workshops and tutorials related to some of the above topics: