Deformable Volumes in Path Planning Applications

E. Anshelevich, S. Owens, F. Lamiraux, and L. E. Kavraki, “Deformable Volumes in Path Planning Applications,” in Proceedings of The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), San Fransisco, CA, 2000, vol. 3, pp. 2290–2295.


This paper addresses the problem of path planning for a class of deformable volumes under fairly general manipulation constraints. The underlying geometric model for the volume is provided by a mass-spring representation. It is augmented by a realistic mechanical model. The latter permits the computation of the shape of the considered object with respect to the grasping constraints by minimizing the energy function of the deformation of the object. Previous research in planning for deformable objects considered the case of elastic plates and proposed a randomized framework for planning paths for plates under manipulation constraints. The present paper modifies and extends the previously proposed framework to handle simple volumes. Our planner builds a roadmap in the configuration space. The nodes of the roadmap are equilibrium configurations of the considered volume under the manipulation constraints, while its edges correspond to quasi-static equilibrium paths. Paths are found by searching the roadmap. We present experimental results that illustrate our approach


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