Reconstructing the Shape and Motion of Unknown Objects

M. Moll and M. A. Erdmann, “Reconstructing the Shape and Motion of Unknown Objects,” in Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics V, Springer, 2003, pp. 293–310.


We present a method to simultaneously reconstruct the shape and motion of an unknown smooth convex object. The object is manipulated by planar palms covered with tactile elements. The shape and dynamics of the object can be expressed as a function of the sensor values and the motion of the palms. We present a brief review of previous results for the planar case. In this paper we show that the 3D case is fundamentally different from the planar case, due to increased tangent dimensionality. The main contribution of this paper is a shape-dynamics analysis in 3D, and the synthesis of shape approximation methods via reconstructed contact point curves.


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